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The Lord of the Manor Ladyship Collection of Luxury Products.

Craft Made Fine Soaps

The finest premium luxury Fine Soaps for men - all-natural.

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The Lord of the Manor Ladyship Limited Edition Collection and Lotion Master Formulary is an always

changing, made-to-order, specially packaged catalog of fine products. These items are

special blends. Normally made by the lotion master in ultra-small batches, they are

usually made fresh when ordered. These items are special creations and

"experiments" by the lotion master.

Ladyship Limited-Edition Collection

Rosemary-Mint Body Lotion

(4 oz - £14.50)

Rosemary-Mint Body Lotion

Price: £14.50

Shipping: £10.00

Rosemary-Mint Liquid Shower Soap

(4 oz - £9.99)

Rosemary-Mint Liquid Body Soap

Price: £9.99
Shipping: £10.00

Immortalis Face Cream (2 oz - £39.00)

Immortalis Face Cream (2 oz - $59) - Special formulation of high concentration ingrediants known for their

ant-aging properties. This formulation is complex and includes aloe, green tea, and iris florentina in high concentration.

It also features a light uni-sex frgrance of rosemary and lavender specially designed for this cream.

This is made to order, by the lotion master, when you order.

Exclusive and amazing. This item usually ships within a week or ordering.

Immortalis Ultimate Face Cream

Price: £39.00
Shipping: £10.00

Olive Oil and Shea Butter Body Lotion (4 oz - £19.50) Rich in Olive Oil and Shea, this is a wonderful body lotion designed for silky soft skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals, this lotion is like being bathed in silk.

Presented in a light uni-sex fragrance of rosemary and lavender. This item usually ships within a week or ordering.

Olive Oil and Shea Body Lotion

Price: £19.50
Shipping: £10.00

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luxury products at your store, or boutique, Please message us via the contact page.

Our products make wonderful additions to any retail or service establishment.

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