Luxury Designer Brands

Our Range of Luxury Good/Products

Perfumes and aftershaves, soaps, cosmetics, shampoo and conditioners, toiletries, body lotions, cleansers, moisturising creams, essential oils and massage oils, hair lotions, hair lotions, personal deodorant sprays, after shave lotions, after shave balms, shower gels, and foam baths.

Cutlery, knives, forks, spoons, penknives.

Computer games; video games, compasses, magnetic badges, computer games, video and computer game programs, phone cases.

Table lamps, lampshades, lamp-stands, chandeliers, miners lamps, lamps.

Precious stones, precious metals and their alloys, goods in precious metals or coated therewith; jewellery, clocks, watches and time pieces, jewellery cases, money clips, key rings, lapel badges of precious metal, pins, pendants, tie pins, cufflinks.

Letter openers, paper weights, pen-holders, writing cases, memo pads, notepads, note books, drawing and writing pads, calendars and diaries, appointment books, address and telephone books, organizers, paper; diary cases, autograph books, photograph albums, cases and wallets for all the aforesaid goods, cheque book covers, business card cases, passport and travel document cases, writing paper, correspondence and letter racks, desk and letter trays, books and albums, printed stationery, money clips, money clips of precious metal, cheque book covers, book markers, postcards, pens, pencils, leather covered books, diaries and organisers, writing folders, books, travel wallets; cheque book covers, passport and travel documents.

Leather articles and goods, leather cases, purses, luggage, trunks, cases, bags and holdalls, toiletry cases sold empty, wallets and purses, tie cases and stud boxes, attache cases and briefcases, credit card cases, business card cases, money cases, folio cases, luggage tags, key cases, jewellery rolls and boxes, key fobs, canvas bags, umbrellas and parasols, walking sticks, whips, harness and saddler, belts.

Picture frames, pillows, cushions, hampers [baskets], plastic key rings, furniture, mirrors, bedding, namely over blankets and under blankets and pillows, cashmere pillows; picnic cases not fitted.

Glassware, crystal ware, decanters, bowls, vases, jars, perfume sprayers, perfume atomisers, candlesticks, ice buckets, bowls, goblets, glasses, jugs, dishes, plates, figurines, drinking vessels, crystal stemware, crystal gift ware and ornaments, glass stemware, glass gift ware, drinking vessels, bowls, vases and jugs, domestic decorative articles and utensils, all made of glass, glass ornaments, table and ornamental crystal glassware, articles made of crystal glass, glassware, earthenware, chinaware, porcelain, coloured glass and crystal glass table-top and serving items, small domestic utensils and containers, all made of glass, glassware for domestic use, glassware for use by caterers, licensed victuallers, restaurateurs and by the like trades, picnic baskets including dishes, money boxes, flat glass, lead glass, etched glass, frosted glass, bottle stoppers of glass, containers of glass, bottles of glass, beverage containers of glass, glass flagons, hollow glassware for domestic and catering use, kitchenware of glass, tableware of cut glass, drinking glasses, glass mugs, glass tankards, glass liqueur sets, glass jugs, glass decanters, glass bowels, glass punchbowls, grapefruit glasses, glass condiment sets, cake stands of glass, trays of glass, coasters of glass, salad servers of glass, napkin rings of glass, glass ice buckets, glass vases, glass picture and photograph frames, glassware for perfumes and cosmetics, glass components for domestic appliances, cut glass ornaments, glass figures, glass animals, glass flowers, glass candlesticks, glass candelabra, photograph frames of glass, glass plaques, trophies, ceremonial plate, regalia and nameplates of glass, trophies and statuettes of glass, all being crystal glassware or made from crystal glass, bone china tableware [other than cutlery], figurines made of bone china, mugs made of fine bone china, plastic bowls [basins], ceramic mugs, meal trays, plastic coasters, ceramic coasters, whisky tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes; half pint glasses; pint glasses, shot glasses.

Padding and stuffing materials, namely feathers, down, natural fibres, synthetic fibres and foam material; foam materials in the form of flakes or cut pieces and mixtures of the aforesaid filling materials.

Bath towels, face towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, bedroom textile fabrics, curtains, bed linen and table linen, lace fabrics, woollen blankets (travelling rugs), textiles of natural fibres and fleece of natural and/or synthetic fibres; bed linen, namely fitted bed blankets, bed sheets, unfilled pillow shams and bed covers, quilts, bedding, namely cushions, quilts, quilted covers, covers and sleeping bags filled with feathers and/or down, natural and/or synthetic fibres.

Articles of clothing; sportswear, leisure wear, footwear and headgear, clothing, tee-shirts, sweat shirts, sweaters, bathrobes, towelling robes, dressing gowns, sleeping garments, belts, shoes, pyjamas, underwear, clothing, swimming suits, aprons [clothing], gloves [clothing], scarves, belts for clothing, hats, shoes, socks, coats, suits, jackets, trousers, kilts, shorts, shirts, socks; pants, underwear, boxer-shorts, tracksuits, swim wear, shorts, ties; knitwear, knitted clothing; articles of sports clothing.

Badges and buttons; badges for wear, embroidered badges; metal badges and non-metal badges for wear; novelty badges for wear; decorative pins for wear; decorative lapel pins; lapel pins.

Electronic games and hand held video games, games, toys and playthings, playing cards, board games, card games, dice games, action figure toys, dolls.

Preserved fruits, conserves, compotes, desserts, jellies, fruit sauces, puree and preserves food products made predominantly from or made of combinations from any of the aforesaid containing fruits; jams, plum, mango, passion fruit, ginger, black cherry, apricot, gin and grapefruit, marmalade, orange, tangerine, orange blossom, peaches, rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, caramel spread, cherry, chestnut spread, fig, four fruit, mandarin, orange marmalade, peach, rhubarb jam, strawberry, wild blueberry, wild fruit, hedgerow fruit, sloe, damson, black currant, lemon curd, raspberry, strawberry, honey, organic nut butter, organic seed butters, tomato relish, lemons, fruit puree, vegetable puree, hummus, chocolate spread, spicy roast nuts, spicy tomato relish, apple and chilli jelly, marmalades all made from; citrus, orange, lemon, grapefruit, ginger, whisky, red onions, lime curd, cranberry, honey all made from honey, treacle, pickles all made from; lime, ginger, pickled vegetables, piccalilli, soup all made from; chicken, tomato, spinach, beetroot, parsnip leek, root vegetable, asparagus carrots, bacon, vegetable, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, courgette, cucumber, marrow, onion spring onion, butternut squash, radish, swede, yoghurt all made from; blackcurrant, rhubarb, strawberry, yoghurt beverages, yoghurt based drinks, milk, organic milk, full cream milk, semi skimmed milk, cheese, farmhouse cheese, desserts, tortes desserts, chocolate and raspberry tortes desserts, meat; bacon, pork, sausages, leek sausages, fish, poultry and game; preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables, canned fruit, bottled fruit.

Biscuits all made from butter, oaten, butter shortbread, wheaten, cheddar cheese, orange, chocolate, mint, ginger, cookie, chocolate chip, gravy, gravy mixes all made from; chicken, poultry, beef, Ice cream all made from; dairy, fruit, lemon curd, strawberry, tarts, tarts all made from; [sweet or savoury], sweet pastry, lemon, chocolate, treacle, bake well, sponge puddings all made from; blackcurrant, mint, cream, tea all made from ; tea bags, herbal teas, peppermint, chamomile, fennel, ginseng, earl grey tea, earl grey [loose leaf], green tea [loose leaf], white tea [loose leaf], green tea with jasmine, estate green tea bags, white tea, white tea with pomegranate, chocolate flavoured tea, drinks made from; coffee, roasted coffee, chutney, organic chutney all made from; apple, tomato, spicy tomato and dates marmalade, onion marmalade, mustard, blended mustard, whole grain mustard, honey mustard, white mustard, brown mustard, piccalilli mustard, chocolate, organic chocolate made from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, orange chocolate, chocolate spread, drinking chocolate, honey, royal jelly products and/or preparations made from or including honey and/or bee products, syrups made from honey, spreads not included in other classes, honey, honey sweets, honey comb, honey biscuits, vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices.

Beer, lager, ale, stout and porter, ginger ale, barley ale, non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices, fruit juices, fruit syrups and fruit drinks, mineral water, still mineral water, sparkling mineral water, organic drinks, organic cordial, carbonated drinks, tomato juice, organic refreshers, lemon refresher, nettle refresher, ginger refresher, elder flower refresher, blackcurrant nectar, peach nectar, rose cordial, raspberry, ginger, pineapple, lemonade and mango raspberry soda, gingerade, ice-cream soda, preparations for making beverages.

Alcoholic beverages, cider, ciders, dry cider, port, port wines, wine and spirits.

Advertising, advertising services relating to the sale of personal property, advertising services provided via the Internet, copy writing, advertising and business services, relating to the advertising, auctioneering, buying, selling, leasing, letting, and the disposal of personal property by auction; business administration and consultancy in relation to the working management of a commercial enterprise undertaking, business research and information services, business affairs or a commercial function of an industrial or commercial enterprise; advertising services including such services provided over the Internet.

Providing chat rooms and Internet forums on the Internet.

Sporting and cultural activities, health club services, provision of gymnasium facilities, providing training and training facilities, all relating to health club services; body conditioning services and tuition, educational, historical and cultural services provided through tours, courses, seminars, entertainment and meetings, provision of information on history, culture and education, education and entertainment services, organising and hosting of entertainment events, providing electronic publications, private member club services (entertainment), club services (entertainment); television films, on-line games.

Design of brand names, hosting of digital content on the internet, building and maintaining websites, design, creation, hosting, maintenance of websites for others.

Social members club services, bar, restaurant, cafe and bistro services; catering services, private members club services (accommodation and catering), temporary accommodation, hotel and motel services, wine bar and cocktail bar services, provision of exhibition facilities, catering services for providing food and drink.

Medical spa services, massage services, provision of hygienic and beauty care, massage, sun tanning, salon and sauna services, information and advisory services relating to health, diet and exercise.

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